The Power of 3

TruthfulMedicine’s Self Mastery Initiatory Journey: The Power of 3

Please understand discipline and commitment are needed to embark on such a journey of self-enlightenment. Honor the time that is needed to assimilate what has been shared below. It is only you that will decide to embrace your TruthfulMedicine in living a life as a Divine Being.

The Trinity:
The Blueprint of Creation

The number 3 is considered a sacred and powerful energetic imprint that has been found in many spiritual traditions. The magick of such a vibrational conscious pattern is expressed on so many levels of our existence from the holy trinity, scared geometry, the primary languages of Divine Oneness, archetypal father/mother/child, the Supernal Triangle in Qabalah , the 3-dimensional program (length, width, depth) of our physical reality, and the 3 living worlds of our existence (body, soul, spirit). These are just a few examples of the vast brilliance that the power of 3 influences in our architecture of life on all planes of existence.

More importantly, alchemy, a process of potential empowering changes, consists of 3 phases. These transmutational stages consist of Nigredo (black), Albedo (white), and Rubedo(red). These transmutational stages hold the processes of discipline , purification and transformation.


TruthfulMedicine embodies the
process of spiritual alchemy

The journey of transforming the lower vibrational human existence into a much higher expansive conscious awakening. The transmutation of a base human being into an enlightened Divine Being is through the awakening of one’s TruthfulMedicine. The removal of disharmonic states of existence will bring you into enlightened expressions. Living a life consumed with dis-ease, hatred, fear, selfishness, suffering and a sense of meaninglessness goes against our true divine nature. We are designed to co-create an existence filled with health, joy, love, peace, harmony, courage, compassion, unity and purpose as spiritually awakened souls.


The Journey of Spiritual Awakening

The study of the Divine Oneness and what this ALL powerful Divine Being has created through the Trinity of Creation will bring a TruthfulMedicine awakening that cannot be denied. There is a Cosmic Intelligence behind the workings of this world and your existence. The direct empowering experiences gained by honouring your TruthfulMedicine will only bring an acceptance of the beauty and power of the Creator , you. This is the only way of truly witnessing the Divineness Oneness and IT’s greatness.

Our Creator finds joy in exploration through creation. As we are children of the Light, this divine cosmic dance is also our birthright. We start our journey on this physical plane filled with uncertainties and discordance as it was meant to be, so we may have the opportunity with the privilege of free will to embrace a transformational journey of attaining a clearer and stronger reconnection with Higher Self , Creator. TruthfulMedicine is a journey of empowered healing spiritual awakening, enlightened growth and maturity, that can remind us that we are the Creator , children of the Light.

The Power of 3 is The Initiatory Journey of Self-Mastery of gaining such enlightened knowing of one’s Divine Being. This journey is also known as the Great Work as Know Thyself, a beautiful and freeing expression honoured by many different spiritual practices. In most religions the Godhead is Oneness in its essence with the trinity in manifestation. Father, Son and Holy Ghost for Christians. Sat, Tat, and Aum within the Hindu tradition. The Trimurti (three faces) of Agni (fire), Vayu(air), and Surya (sun) in the Vedas, and Nara, Nari and Viray (father, mother, and son) in the Brahmanic philosophy. Ancient Egypt’s triad of Osiris (Sun), Isis (Moon), and Horus (Earth) is symbolic of its understanding of the trinity as well. In the Far East the Atma, Buddhi and Manas are known as the three fires of the soul. The Spirit, Consciousness, and matter in the teachings of the 7 Rays of Creation is another example of the power of 3.

The blueprint to TruthfulMedicine holds the keys of the 3 living worlds of Our existence: the body, the soul and the spirit. The trinity of this architecture of our creation with TruthfulMedicine will bring a greater sense of aliveness and purpose. This beautiful divine blueprint will bring any soul the reminder of their true purpose of living, that we are children of the Supreme Radiance with the adventures of playfulness and co-creation.

Honoring the Power of 3

We embrace the 3 living worlds of our existence: the body, the soul and the spirit. The trinity of this architecture of our creation with TruthfulMedicine will bring a greater sense of aliveness and purpose. This beautiful divine blueprint will bring any soul the reminder of their true purpose of living, that we are children of God with the adventures of playfulness and co-creation.

TruthfulMedicine Power of 3

The Trinity is when Spirit manifests creation. Spirit is defined as all-encompassing, infinite, undefinable creative order of ALL. This Divine Intelligence has been called God, Divine Consciousness, The Creator, Ensof, The Tao, and Brahman. TruthfulMedicine expresses the beauty of such a Being as the Divine Oneness.

It is known as a formless all-pervasive intelligence consciousness, from which all creation is derived, including the individual soul of humankind.

Individual soul is the individualized Spirit. The soul carries a unique expression of its own. It is eternal, having existence before and after any given lifetimes. This energetic signature is cloaked only temporarily in the clothing of causal, astral, and physical bodies. The beauty of soul is Spirit and its unique connection to it. The soul, as does the Spirit, holds the theme of immortality, awareness and playfulness. The soul is the door to our consciousness, subconsciousness, super consciousness, feelings, and thoughts.


The physical body is the densest form in which we exist on this plane, it houses our soul. This temple of our brilliance of being humans is the connection to Spirit. Our soul holds such union to both our physical body and Spirit. Our physical body has been created for us to understand the physical reality through its 5 senses.

Symbolically imprinted, as taught throughout eons and also gained through the wisdom of TruthfulMedicine, the trinity is an expression of our divine blueprint that can create a stronger and clearer alignment with the Divine Oneness. The unfolding expression of such an awakening will bring an enlightened knowing of one’s brilliance of being a Divine Child. TruthfulMedicine will remind a soul to understand and embrace such cosmic intelligent emanations for the manifestation of living as the Creator .

Microcosm and Macrocosm

The formula of the Power of 3 embraced in the teachings and healings of TruthfulMedicine holds the divine template of honouring the three levels of one’s existence with the respect of understanding the Holy Trinity in the microcosmic and macrocosmic nature of existence. The microcosm is the little universe manifested through our being and macrocosm is the great Universe.

TruthfulMedicine holds the Trinity as the Divine Mother/Father, The Child, and Holy Spirit. The Divine Mother/Father is God as the Creator existing beyond creation. The Child is God’s omnipresent intelligence existing within creation. The Holy Spirit is the vibratory power of God that becomes creation.

TruthfulMedicine empowers all individuals to honour all levels of Being within the microcosm and macrocosm of existence to attain the alchemical transformation of reuniting with the Divine Oneness.

Your Initiatory Path of Self-Mastery to attaining your TruthfulMedicine for such awakening is to be reminded the divine blueprint that was created within you for such enlightenment.

Your physical body is the temple to your soul. The soul holds your uniqueness as Spirit. Spirit created the divine blueprint for the co-creation with all life for enlightened existence and cosmic beauty.

TruthfulMedicine’s The Power of 3, with its magickal keys for empowered healing and spiritual awakening can unlock the brilliance of living as Creator for all life on all levels of existence. Let the journey of becoming the magickian in this alchemical process begin with embracing your awakening of TruthfulMedicine.

TruthfulMedicine will motive you to embrace the Power of 3 in all aspects of life for your highest good and for all life.

The Gathering of The People

TruthfulMedicine is honoured with the blessings of Souls gathering together. The People will flow the teachings of TruthfulMedicine to this world; it’s a brilliant movement that is experienced through gatherings and sharing. TruthfulMedicine brings endless opportunities throughout the world for Souls to come together in classes, workshops, community events, and many other magickal opportunities to share. Our events are dynamic gatherings and the dates are uploaded regularly on the calendar page of our site.

The Path to Embracing TruthfulMedicine’s Power of 3:

1. Reflection of what you just read, connect deep into your heart, and ask your inner voice for confirmation that you are ready to embark on this journey of empowered healing and spiritual awakening.

2. In a state of receptivity, co-create a list of areas in your life that you want to heal. Remember, TruthfulMedicine is about honouring all levels of your existence. We live within a physical temple that connects to Spirit through our Soul.

3. Contact TruthfulMedicine for setting up a consultation to help co-create your unique initiatory path to honouring your TruthfulMedicine.

Note: The Power of Energetic Exchange
As each TruthfulMedicine journey is unique with every soul, a healthy discussion will guide us to the energetic exchange of finances for these offerings.

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