Etheric Reconstruction

Along with this physical body, we also inhabit a variety of energy bodies, one being the Etheric. This energy body carries the frequencies of all our past experiences including unprocessed trauma and emotional wounding. When the Etheric body is out of harmony, we are less easily able to connect with other such bodies, like the Auric and Astral bodies resulting in a loss of the direct connection to Divine Oneness. More importantly, the Etheric body is the template to your physical body and all dis-eases first unfold here. Within the healing of Etheric Reconstruction, one’s energy body is restored bringing clarity to the connection of Divine love, aligning us to the nurturing powers therein.


Sacred Geometry Series

SG I Foundations

All things in this physical world are made up of sacred symbols, geometries, and patterns. There are 3 main sacred geometries that make up this physical existence that can be applied to enhance your space for protection, clarity, and calm. The ancient knowledge of such foundational wisdom is offered in the services of personal healing, on premises (i.e. homes, businesses, events), gridding, and workshops.

SG II Crystal Magick:

In this healing session, the magick of the geological geometries found within crystals is used. Throughout centuries crystals have been utilized to assist in enhancing our spiritual powers, as well as assists in clearing emotional and mental blocks. Here, the crystals are placed on and around the body to enhance our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing increasing empowering and healing energy flow. In the same way, they can also be applied to protect and enhance your physical space, using crystal grids that are laid within your home, office, or event space.

SG III Egyptian Aura Healing

This session calls on the powers of the high Gods and Goddesses of ancient Egypt to cleanse the seven layers of the aura. In this session, you use the powers of the 3 main geometries of this physical existence as well as movement, sound and meditation to heal holes in the aura, which rebalances your physical, emotional, soul, and astral bodies.

SG IV Temples of Sauron

Using geometries and magick, 3 types of Sacred Temples are created inside your desired space. These 3 temples have been used by Ritual Masters within the mystery schools of King Salomon throughout the world for a very long time to create even more empowerment in their lives. They were created by Magus Sauron The Great, master of Alchemy and Magick. All such work was done within the vibrations of these Temples, heightening and enlivening all creation within it. These temples can be applied in your home as well as sacred ceremonies such as weddings, baptisms, or bat mitzvahs.

SG V Fire Soul Infusion

This healing session is the first step in awakening the Kundalini energy within, opening the gates to the Soul, to higher states of perception and awareness. This modality recalibrates the whole magnetic structure of various complex energy bodies. The high vibrations of the geometries used here assist in connecting to higher spirits, realizing your spirit contracts, and connecting the mind to the soul. In nature it increases clarity of thought, balances the whole body and awakens you to your Divine Nature.

SG VI Core Will Infusion

This modality brings the receiver to his/her next level of empowerment. With the use of high vibrational frequencies within sacred geometric shapes, the Etheric and Auric bodies are cleansed for greater strength. This session deepens the understanding of the Will of Nature, Will of Humans and Will of the Universe. This also enhances a better understanding of the Will of God, bringing a stronger sense to your life’s purpose and a reminder that you too are God / Goddess.


Emotional Cord Cutting

In any relationship we naturally form energetic cords built around our emotional bond to that relationship. This can be in the best case empowering and in harmony. We can also experience relationships that “pull” on our energy and that are out of balance, which can create disharmony in that relationship and in our life. An Emotional Cord Cutting disconnects these emotional cords so you can stop losing your energy to that person, taking back your power.


Hermetic Moon Magick

Hermetic Astrology teaches us that each soul on this planet has a unique imprint that can thus serve oneself and the world through their Divine Purpose. In this session, learn how your individual makeup can be synced with the moon to better understand yourself using numbers, moon cycles and moon ceremonies.


Hermetic Soul Retrieval

Throughout our life our Soul experiences an array of trauma, stress, and limiting beliefs, resulting in a fragmented existence which causes disharmony and lack of life force energy. In this expansive session, these fragments in the soul are located and healed bringing harmony once again on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.


Shamanic Aura Clearing

Over the centuries, Shamans around the world use the magick of Mother Gaia to heal. In this gentle energy clearing, the aura is cleansed and purified using earthly energies and the Sutra of the Heart. This modality not only clears and balances the aura but also seals and protects the field to receive a greater connection to Divine Light.


Laser Light Healing

Using the vibration of sound waves, this healing brings a direct and immediate flow of light into the physical body. Not only does the Laser Light flow into the physical, but can also affect the etheric, auric and soul bodies. This pure, specific form of light increases balance and harmony in the receiver as well as an increased state of empowerment to live their Goddess / God equation.


Spark of Life Distance Healing

Simply put, this unique and powerful remote healing practice can have a profound effect on the receiver. No matter where on the planet one is, they are able to receive such a healing light through co-ordination and permission. By connecting to Divine Source, Angelic Light is flowed through the higher dimensions, traversing time and space, leaving one filled with love and light.

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