The Offerings


Embracing the Power of 3

The number 3 is considered a sacred and powerful energetic imprint that has been found in many spiritual traditions. The magick of such a vibrational conscious pattern is expressed on so many levels of our existence from the holy trinity, scared geometry, the primary languages of Divine Oneness, archetypal father/mother/child, the Supernal Triangle in Kabballah, the 3-dimensional program (length, width, depth) of our physical reality, and the 3 living worlds of our existence (body, soul, spirit).

These are just a few examples of the vast brilliance that the power of 3 influences in our architecture of life on all planes of existence.

More importantly, alchemy, a process of potential empowering changes, consists of 3 phases. These transmutational stages consist of Nigredo (black), Albedo (white), and Rubedo(red). A process of disciple, purification and transformation is the brilliance of this healing equation.

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