TruthfulMedicine’s Power of 12 Principles

The Power of 12 are "Principles", also known as "Magical Keys" to help you understand and achieve your TruthfulMedicine. These magical keys hold the knowledge and tools to help you assist in finding your TruthfulMedicine with such principles. In this course, offered online and in person, learn how to embrace these foundational tools to live a fully empowering life-

1. The Birthright of Universal Consciousness:  There is an Infinite Force that connects and supports all life on all planes of existence. We can access and create a powerful symbiotic relationship with this Infinite Force, which is a Being that encompasses all. I am God and God is me. This is our birthright.

2. The Power of Surrender: “I am responsible for everything in my life.” A wisdom I learned regarding how I live my life and how I’m able to bring what is needed into my life for my highest good and for those around me. It’s based on the Universal principle that energy is magnetic as well as electric

3. The Power of Vibration: The more harmonious our vibrational state of being is, the more powerful we are. Discord energy weakens our existence and leads us into suffering and dis-ease. More importantly, the truth brings us greater power and freedom.

4. The Power of Thoughts and Words: You think, therefore you exist. Energy follows our thoughts and flows into manifestation. Mind patterns such as thoughts and words affect our existence within ourselves and our environment. Be conscious of how you choose to express yourself with words that are high instead of low vibrational.

5. The Power of Abundance: There is an infinite opportunity for growth and gifts within the Universe for us. Where there is no demand, there is no supply. We just need to know how to manifest such privileged blessings and to believe we are worthy of receiving them

6. The Power of Attraction: "I am responsible for everything in my life." You are able to bring what is needed into your life for your highest good and for those around you. It’s based on the Universal principle that energy is magnetic as well as electric. We each have the power to create a life of abundance, beauty and love.

7. The Power of Receiving and Giving: There is a duality in the physical universal equation when it comes to giving and receiving. This exchange of energy creates both the opportunity to receive abundance and beauty as well as to share it. Free will is a privilege of our existence. We’re all here to help each other progress and evolve.

8. The Power of Cause and Effect:  Everything we do and think has an equal and potentially opposite reaction. This important understanding helps us to respect that we are connected to all things, all people, all times and all places. Quantum entanglement has been known since ancient times and with modern day scientific validation.

9. The Power of Forgiveness and Compassion: There is a common connection among all of us. Most of us at one time in our lives have lost our way. We are all trying to find meaning and purpose as human beings and creatures of learning. I've learned to take the wrongs to make them rights, to use compassion and forgiveness with myself and others.

10. The Power of Respectful Commitment: Appreciation and honoring Natural and Spiritual Laws, and your inner self, brings empowering freedom and powerful patterns of energy within one’s existence. Learning and respecting such divine laws is absolutely important because such blessed powers come with great responsibility + privilege.

11. The Power of Success: The duality of our physical existence can bring us the opportunity for endless growth and success. Without falling down, one cannot get back up. Without disease, one cannot respect health. Depression can yearn one to seek happiness. The darkness can truly validate the beauty of the light.

12. The Power of Love: Divine love exists because we’re all from the same Source, unity of souls, brothers and sisters that we are. This is the greatest power of all. It opens up the entire Universe to us, it is the key to activating our true state of being.


Awaken Thyself

This class covers a perspective on the awakening that the planet’s people is currently experiencing. Many spiritual seekers feel a pull in one direction or another searching for the answers, forgetting they are within. In this workshop you are introduced to the path of initiation, the essence of the ancient mysteries, and meditation techniques to connect to Higher Self for guidance. There are many benefits in taking the next step in the direction of empowered living, to once again be reminded that you are a God / Goddess.


7 Ancient Mystery Schools

For thousands of years, 7 main mystery schools have been hidden from the public. These schools have often been associated with occult magick and sacred practices, which have lent many stories, books and legends a fantasized perspective of the powers these schools really hold. We are at a turning point in our existence where these schools must be known so that we as Gods / Goddesses can harness their knowledge and power for the greater good. During this workshop, you will learn where these schools are, their purpose, and how the teachings of the Lineage of King Solomon and The Modern Mystery School represents itself within it.


Sacred Geometry I

Being one of the languages of God, geometries are the foundation of the cosmos and all creation. Using the powers of these sacred vibrations, one is able to connect more deeply into universal wisdom. In this course, learn how to create sacred space using the keys of the 3 primary shapes to protect your home from negative external influence as well as enliven your sacred space assisting in creativity, deeper meditation, and holy work.
Pre-req Empower Thyself


Sanctuary Meditation

This meditation technique is a simple yet effective way to safely expand your consciousness to connect with your Higher Self. Within this method, one is guided through the dimensions of reality to their personal sanctuary, where only they can experience the magick and splendor it holds. Here, one can access deeper clarity and guidance from within, enhancing spiritual connection, accelerating healing and growth as well as awaken to the truth of their Goddess / God essence.


Spiritual Intuition

Intuition is the direct knowing of something without the conscious use of reason. Everyone has the innate ability to access their clairvoyant powers to assist in cultivating stronger energy systems as well as guiding them through life. This inner seeing holds great wisdom when we harness such power. In this workshop, you will learn about the spiritual senses, how to activate and strengthen them, and build up your psychic abilities. Tools and techniques will be given to empower one on such a path of spiritual progression.
Pre-req Empower Thyself


Astral Travel

In this course, learn tools on how to expand consciousness to access higher realms outside this physical reality. One is given techniques on how to explore the astral planes and higher dimensions in a safe and effective way to improve meditation, conscious dreaming, and creativity. By exploring the astral world, one is also given the opportunity to receive messages from guides as well as become aware of higher aspects of themselves unseen in daily life.
Pre-req Empower Thyself


Stress Rescue

Stress can often be a block, restricting the opportunity for a more empowered state of existence. It is a myth that it is impossible to avoid, and each of us hold the power to create more harmony in life by reducing such imbalances as stress. In this workshop, learn how to get to the root of stress and understand its origin from a metaphysical level. As a God / Goddess, one has the power to easily diminish the unwarranted power stress has. Learn methods to unravel the bounds of stress so one can continuously step more fully into joyful living.

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