Empowering Growth Achievements

I have been asked many times, ”What do you do?” My simple response is, “I live my life.” If I need to elaborate, I’ll say, “ I like to travel, read, move my body, feed my Soul with passion, honor countless relationships, and dance.” The typical response to this is, “No, what do you DO?” To which I say a version of the following: 

“I believe you’re asking what type of work I do; many of us have been conditioned to solely identify with our jobs. Some of the layers of my existence are that I am a doctor, a teacher, and a guide. But truly, I am an eternal being who plays in numerous levels of existence. We are all such beings.” 

I really appreciate such a beautiful exchange with another Soul. The sparks in their eyes after such a dialogue brings me joy and peace. These free-flowing conversations are how most Souls connect to me on my life journey. However, the greatest gift of new opportunities to connect with Souls also arises from the honoured referrals from the people around me. Thank you.

I hold the teachings and works of TruthfulMedicine in the reverence as the lineage holder. I hold many layers of Being which include that of a doctor of  chiropractor, a master of medical qigong, a shaman, and a guide within the 7th Ray Mystery School. The gift of experiencing this world through exploration with many Indigenous communities and masters within my own TruthfulMedicine also guides  my work with you. The greatest aspect of our existence is that we are both students and teachers at the same time.

We are not meant to live a life consumed with disease and discord. The teachings of TruthfulMedicine, with its magickal keys, will unfold an enlightened journey of self-empowerment that can co-create a healthy, powerful state of being with Divine Oneness. One of the principles of TruthfulMedicine is that empowered individuals will be the ones to help the masses shift into a state of Consciousness Awakening for the highest good of all life on this planet.

TruthfulMedicine evolved from my journey of Know Thyself. We are all here to learn and to be reminded of our divinity through our life experiences. Wisdom can be gained through your life’s journey and more brilliantly, holding truth and love to your experiences will bring your TruthfulMedicine. I have studied throughout this beautiful world with so many gifted teachers and masters. More importantly, my TruthfulMedicine has brought me greater peace and beauty in all levels of my life , even though this evolutionary state of being arose from my most painful and chaotic experiences. The transition of my mother at a very young age; the pain of addictions; the fear of losing my freedom; and my dance with cancer. These experiences have brought me a powerful connection to my TruthfulMedicine. Brilliantly , all my life experiences have strengthened my TruthfulMedicine. Rising above all my life events with greater knowing and freedom, to embrace who and what I am, is the blessing that has powered my TruthfulMedicine. This is the gift of life for all souls : to Know Thyself and become awakened. With reverence and humility I am the Creator and in being awake to this truth, my inner knowing of my TruthfulMedicine inspires the movement and growth of TruthfulMedicine. In fact, the movement is The People.

The TruthfulMedicine community has been growing throughout the world because TruthfulMedicine is about The People. The People will decide how the future of this world will manifest. When you honour your alignment with your TruthfulMedicine, the world will become a better kingdom in magikcal ways. We are the cures for all diseases, within ourselves and for this world . TruthfulMedicine has brought peace, health, freedom, joy, abundance, and Divine Love to many Souls on this planet in the last 20 years. This self -mastery journey means understanding who and what you are with courage. It’s holding your life experiences with truth and love to unleash the inner wisdom and unlimited powers from your Soul. It’s holding the radiance of your heart center to unleash the knowing of your brilliant existence.


Magical Keys

TruthfulMedicine is the opportunity to truly Know Thyself. I would be honored to share with you my wisdom from my life experiences and teach you the magickal tools to awaken your TruthfulMedicine. In this world, there are many enlightened and loving souls with an incredible wealth of knowledge and wisdom. TruthfulMedicine is a synergy of the studies, practices, and experiences encountered on my journey of self-mastery. I have created a unique system that is a wholistic, natural, and metaphysical approach to healing.

TruthfulMedicine treats the body naturally and with a metaphysical lens because humans are multidimensional beings, each of us with a unique blueprint. The beauty of this system is that every soul has their own unique TruthfulMedicine when it comes to attaining healing. My purpose is to help people embrace their highest state of existence on all levels.

My own TruthfulMedicine sees people as Eternal Beings, all of them possessing an innate ability to live magickal lives filled with greatness and abundance. On my personal path toward enlightenment, my TruthfulMedicine has reminded me that we all have an incredible gift: the ability to heal ourselves on all levels of Being — to free our greatness so we may shine. One of my goals is to teach as many souls as possible what I have been gifted in my life. That is my TruthfulMedicine. Through my life experiences I have gained this wisdom: that we are the Creator.

The more truthful to who and what we are, the more we unfold an empowering awareness of the incredible gift that we have in living the life of a benevolent being. It is the crux of TruthfulMedicine and there is no sense in denying its truth. Understand and respect the universal life equation that was created for us. Hold your TruthfulMedicine experiences with reverence. Be empowered to understand and accept your true power as a Divine Being.


TruthfulMedicine holds the magickal keys for empowering conscious evolution. I have had the blessing to live a life filled with boundless opportunities that have brought me an incredible source of wisdom about my existence and this world. I have learned a lot about my TruthfulMedicine. I empower you to find and respect your own TruthfulMedicine in the teachings I share with you. As more and more souls undertake this journey, the learning grows exponentially and I am confident it will unearth something truly magickal for the benefit of humanity and our world: conscious connection to the Oneness. TruthfulMedicine can hold us all together in a state of Shamballa.

Shamballa is unity among all life on Earth. This divine blueprint of our true existence on this planet is something that has been foreseen and foretold for thousands of years.Now is the time for Shamballa to rise for the all life, it is our divine nature to live in the kingdom of heaven on this planet. But to anchor and imprint Divine Light on this planet, souls need to be reminded of their TruthfulMedicine and live its divinity. We all have incredible powers and gifts to help bring Divine Light into this world, and it is our responsibility and privilege to do so. Surrender to the inner wisdom to go deep within yourself, connect to your heart, and ask for guidance to where your next step to Know Thyself will manifest. Rest your hands on your heart and ask yourself, “ I am ready to bring the teachings and healings of TruthfulMedicine into my life now?”


I have been honoured to connect with so many beautiful people on their healing quest of overcoming countless diseased states from musculoskeletal disorders such as back and extremity problems, chronic diseases, pain, sleep disorders, weight loss/gains, addictions, mental/emotional health, and endocrine imbalances, just to name a few. With the beauty and gratitude of my work on this planet, many have sought TruthfulMedicine to embrace a state of attaining a stronger and empowering enlightened understanding of their Spiritual nature and existence.

Your physical body is a temple that houses your soul. Your soul is your connection to Spirit. More importantly, your mind is that of creation. This latter statement is what holds TruthfulMedicine in embracing that we are benevolent beings that exist on so many different levels. We are not meant to live a life consumed with diseases, we are powerful light beings that are meant to live a life of harmonious health and beauty.


The teachings of TruthfulMedicine, with its magickal keys, will unfold an enlightened journey of self-empowerment which can co-create a healthy and powerful state of being with Divine Oneness. One of the principles of TruthfulMedicine that will be shared is that it is the empowered individuals that will help the masses shift into the state of Consciousness Awakening for the highest good of all life on this planet.

You exist on many levels and such a TruthfulMedicine needs to be honoured to help achieve your highest potential of healing. You live in state of a physical being, a creature with mental and emotional equations, and a soul with innate intelligence and vibrational tones. More importantly, a spiritual being having human experiences. All these levels of your divine being are what will be addressed with the attainment of your TruthfulMedicine on your personal journey of healing. The lack of honouring such a divine life blueprint of existence as a multidimensional being will only disempower your state of living a life of brilliance and health. Again, we are the cure for all diseases and worldly challenges.

Your path to finding your TruthfulMedicine with such wisdom of teachings begins with your inner knowing for such a calling. I encourage you to listen deep within your heart and soul for such a guidance of initiation into honouring yourself with such beautiful and powerful self-enlightenment. Surrender to your higher self and allow the community of TruthfulMedicine to help you heal with all that you desire in your attainment of your true state of being. Living a life as a Goddess/ God is the most freeing and privileged birthright. More importantly, we are the Divine Oneness that governs all life on all levels of existence. To embrace and fully accept such a powerful and freeing TruthfulMedicine statement, first being this journey of finding your own TruthfulMedicine.

All of us or none of us

Remember, TruthfulMedicine is not only holding your highest state of privileged existence but more importantly, it will bring the opportunities to embrace TruthfulMedicine to all levels of this world for the greater good for all life. Shamballah is achievable and needed more than ever.

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